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Monday, October 22, 2018

Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes

How fun is Halloween. This year, I would like to
share the step by step instructions to create
Fun and Spooky Cupcakes!

You will need:

2 dozen of your favorite cupcakes, baked and iced
Avocado, Violet, Orange
White and Black Confectioner's Melts
#8,#4 Piping Tips

I used a half recipe and have some left over.

(Be sure to Check out A&H CakeDesign for
Americolors, PME tools and Ateco Cutters.)

 Melt 1/2 cup white confectioner's melts. Pour into a plastic piping bag and
cut off tip. On Parchment paper, pipe 8 lines intersecting in the center, as shown above.

Connect the lines, creating a "spider web".  You will need two dozen webs.
Make extra to allow for breakage. These are easier to handle if piped in heavier lines.

Allow to set and carefully lift off parchment paper with a thin spatula.

 With remaining white chocolate, fill 8 egg cups.
Allow to harden then pop out of mold and set aside.

Wash and dry chocolate mold.
Melt 1/2 cup black confectioners melts and fill 16 cups.
Allow to harden and set aside.

 Roll out white candy clay on surface dusted with confectioner's sugar.
Using 3" circle cutter, cut 8 circles.
 Stand white egg on end and drape the 3" circle over it, creating
a ghost's body.
 Set aside and allow to firm.
 Using the black candy clay, roll out between sheets of wax paper
Cut a 1-1/2" wingspan using the PME wheel cutter.
Make 8 batwings
These do not need to be perfect. In fact the presentation
is much cuter if they all are a bit different.
Place 8 eggs, narrow end up, over the wings and allow to firm.
They should attach to the chocolate, but if they are difficult, you
can use melted chocolate to attach.

Using the 1" circle cutter, cut 8 circles.
Using the large end of your piping tube, cut 8 circles.
Score the wings, as shown above. ( Please forgive the blurry photo!)
Then cut down the center, creating a set of wings.
Place on the sides of  8 black egg, narrow end down.
Set aside.
Using the large end of your piping tube, cut a curve from both
sides of the 1/2" circles.
Cut in half, as shown, using the PME wheel cutter.
These will serve as ears to the bats and owls.
Set the ears in place.
Roll out white and black
candy clay somewhat thin.
Using the end of the #8 piping tube
Cut 16 circles for the owls eyes.
Then cut 16 pupils using the end of the #4 piping
tube as your cutter.
Place the black pupils on the white eyes
and set in place on the top side of the owl.
Cut 8 more circles using the #8 piping tube as the cutter.
Cut evenly in half and place, as shown, to create eyes for the bat.

Cut 16 Black circles using the #8 piping tube.
Set in place on ghost, as shown.
Spray 8 each of the cupcakes in purple, orange and green.
Carefully place the spider webs in place. Expect breakage.
Then set the owl, ghostie, and bat on top of the cupcakes.

Now go PARTAY!!

Tutorial and Photography by Jacque Benson
All Rights Reserved 2010
This material may not be reproduced without
permission from the author.
"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." ~J M Barrie