Cherry Almond Cupcake

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Right Hat

I have always loved hats.
  I admire women who have the confidence to wear one;
 and it does take attitude to adorn a splendid hat!

Last week, I had a request for a hat cake to celebrate a lovely lady's 70th birthday. How revealing that her family and friends chose to celebrate her day with a hat theme! 

 Even without comment, the very idea says much about the uniqueness and quality of this woman's life. Indeed, she must be incomparable.

So a very special hatbox and hat cake was designed exclusively for this landmark birthday.
The hat was embellished with a large bow, a cluster of hydrangeas and a jeweled butterfly.
It had to be exceptional.
Just as distinctive as its recipient.

Someone once said,
"Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words.
A great hat speaks for itself."

So true.
A beautiful hat voices gentility.
It speaks of regalness and whispers grace.

"We just know inside that we're queens. And these are the crowns we wear. "
Felicia McMillan

"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." ~J M Barrie