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Friday, March 18, 2011

SugarBabies ( Anne Geddes Style)

Sugar Babies (Anne Geddes Style) by Jacque Benson

Supplies and Tools needed:

Gum Glue
Embroidery Scissors
Gumpaste Board
Small Baby Face Mold
Ball tools
Petal and leaf veiners (opt)
Hat Pin
Yellow, Kelly Green, Carnation Pink petal dusts
Fine brushes for petal dusting
6” Fondant Covered Cardboard Circle
Dendrobium OR Daffodil Cutters
4” leaf cutters




Roll out a small marble sized ball of pale pink gumpaste in cornstarch and press ball into baby face mold. Cut away excess gumpaste from around the baby’s head. Insert half of a toothpick and set aside to dry.
Lightly brush the cheeks with a pink petal dust.
Color lips lightly with pink petal dust mixed with Everclear.

Roll out small amount of gumpaste into a moderately thin 4” by 3” rectangle. Cut out 2 leaves using a long narrow leaf cutter or simply cut into the following shape.

Vein with Corn Husk and dry brush with Kelly green luster dust. Crease along middle line forming life-like leave and set aside to dry.

For the orchid, cut out 2 of the rounded petals and frill the edges of petals using a round toothpick. Brush lightly with petal dust, coloring the edges and center of petals darker than the middle.
Curve the petals to a lifelike state, and place over rolled tissue to dry slightly.

Cut out one of the center petal (B).
Frill the wide edge of trumpet (scalloped edge of slipper for the orchid) using a round toothpick or gumpaste tool. Lightly wet the head with gum glue and wrap around the head of the baby like a bonnet.
Brush edges with pink or yellow petal dust according to flower.

Form a small rectangle out of gumpaste about 1” by 1-1/2” and about ¼ “ thick. Cut a ¾” slit in the bottom for legs and snip out of each side for arms (as shown)
Using your fingers roll the legs and pinch the ends to make a feet. Round the arms and with snips or embroidery scissors, clip ends to create tiny fingers.
Make an indention with hat pin just above fingers to create a wrist. Use hat pin to create creases under knees and elbows. Moisten the toothpick with gumglue and push upper body onto the head. Arrange body to look like sleeping baby. Brush the body with Kelly green petal dust and the hands with pink.

Roll out a small amount of gumpaste with roller. For the petals you will want to roll it very thin. Cut 2 of the tri-petal cutter for daffodil and 1 for the orchid. Using a flower veiner (can also use a dried corn husk to vein ) make impressions into the three petals. Frill the edges of the daffodil petals slightly.
Dry brush the petals lightly with petal dust, darker in color towards the center and edges.
Lay over tissue to dry slightly as you assemble the baby.

Take the fondant covered round disc and attach your leaves in a V shape to the center using royal icing or gum glue.

Attach the 2 ruffled petals to the sides of head in back with gum glue and then the three sepals with one of the petals vertical. (As shown)
Glue body over leaves and place tissue under petals until completely dry.


Attach one set of three sepals onto back of head with gum glue. Attach second set of sepal under first allowing second row to fall between .
first row of sepals.
Glue body onto leaves, and place tissue under the sepals until completely dry.

Jacque Benson 2007- all rights reserved

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doweling a Cake with Poly Straws

When  you are making a tiered cake, supporting your tiers is a must to
prevent your cake from collapsing.

Recently, A & H Cake Design started offering Poly-Dowels.
They were quite easy to use and can be used for many purposes.

One use is to support your tiered cake.
First make sure your tiers are very level.
Now, begin by cutting a wax paper circle the size of your upper tier.
Center on Bottom tier and  outline the circle on your cake with a toothpick or skewer.

 Then, inside the circle mark where you want your dowels inserted
with a skewer. 

Insert the skewer and using a ruler, measure exactly the depth of your tier.

Using scissors, cut your Poly-Dowels to the length of the measured depth.

Insert into the cake.

Place your next tier on top inside your marked circle.

If you have a third tier, or in this cake a heavy topper, then repeat the process on the next tier..
Since I was using a topper, I only used 3 dowels. If you are placing another cake, I advise you use 5.**

Place the next tier or topper centered in place.

Another great use for the Poly-Dowel is to protect your cake when inserting wired sugarpaste stars or flowers.
Wrap your wires with floral tape.
Cut your dowel to the desired length, insert into the cake,
 then insert the wrapped wires into the Poly-Dowel.

So easy to use.

Now just place in the center of  the table.
Your cake is ready for your party!

**Please note when delivering a cake that, in addition to doweling the tiers, lateral support is important to keep a cake from shifting.
After stacking tiers, insert a large wooden dowel, sharpened at one end, through the center of the cake.

Photography and Tutorial by Jacque Benson 2010
All rights reserved.

Poly Dowels courtesy of  A & H Cake Design
"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." ~J M Barrie