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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Victorian Style Gilded Gumpaste Fruit

Victorian style Gilded Gumpaste Fruit


Firm Gumpaste

Green Royal Icing in Piping Bag


Red, Green, Orange and Brown Gel Colors

Gold, Silver, Champagne, Copper, Super Pearl luster dusts

Gum Glue

Assorted Plastic Fruit

PME cutter or Pizza cutter


Wire cutters



32 gauge wire

28 gauge white covered wire

White floral tape


Pine Boughs

Cut 32 gauge wire into 3-1/2” lengths.

 Place together 8 wires and wrap the middle with floral tape.

Spread the wires at the ends.

Insert each wired end into the tip of the piping bag and withdraw gently.

Set aside to dry.

When dry, fold the ends together and set aside.



Cut 28 gauge covered wire into 3” lengths.

Make a hook at the end of each wire.

Roll a ½” oblong ball of gumpaste.

Moisten the hook end of the wire with gum glue;

insert into the end of gumpaste grape and turn a quarter turn to secure.

Pinch and smooth the end of the grape to the wire.
Set aside to dry.

Twist together the grapes in groups of three.

Wrap 3-4 grape clusters together with white floral tape.

Paint grapes with Super Pearl mixed with everclear,

then brush ends with gold luster dust.

Gilded Fruit

Color your gumpaste to match your fruit.

Orange for oranges, red for apples, green for pears, ect.

Liberally dust one side of plastic fruit with cornstarch.'

Roll out gumpaste on a well dusted board into a circle about 1/8” thickness.

Dust underside of gumpaste well with cornstarch.

Lay over one side of plastic fruit,
smoothing to fit over half.

Using your PME or Pizza Cutter, cut in a straight line on the half of fruit.

Lift gumpaste to make sure it isn't sticking and lay back on fruit to dry.

When dry, Mix your gold, silver and champagne luster dusts with everclear
and paint onto fruit.

Steam fruit to set in the color.

Attach to cake using white royal icing piped around the edge.


Gilded Pinecone

Color Gumpaste brown, and roll into a 1” oblong ball.

Placing scissors at a 90 degree angle, snip V shaped using the very end of your scissor blades.

Repeat the process just under the first row,
alternating the cuts to create the pinecone seeds.

Continue the process until the cone is cut all way to the end.

Using a small spatula or knife,
make a vertical indention on the middle of each seed.

Set aside to dry.

Mix copper lusterdust with everclear, and lightly paint the pincone.

Steam to set in color.

Attach to cake using white royal icing.

For more flair and interest, add pearlized gumpaste green leaves, gumpaste pink roses, and pearlized gumpaste feathers to your guilded fruit groupings.


Tutorial by Jacque Benson 2008-all rights reserved
Photography by Morgan Jackson 2008-all rights reserved
Tutorials and photos may not be reproduced in any form
without permission.

"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." ~J M Barrie