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Monday, September 7, 2015

Lady Bug Lady Bug, Fly away Home

How to make a cute little lady bug:

3/4" ball black fondant
 pink fondant
 green fondant
Gum Glue*
3/4" Circle Cutter
#10 piping tip

* To make gum glue, mix 1/8 tsp. Tylose powder 
with 1 oz. warm water

Pinch a bit of black fondant
 and make a ¼” ball.   
Using the rest of the gumpaste,
 make an oval.
 Attach the two
 and set aside.

Roll out a small amount
 of pink fondant 
and using the ¾” cutter,
 make a circle.

With the scissors,
 cut a small “v” at one end of circle. 

 Press a line from “v” to other end of circle. Moisten the black ladybug
 with gum glue, and attach the pink ladybug wings. 

Roll a small amount
of green fondant very thin. 
Cut 5-6 dots from the green fondant
 using the small end of #10 piping tube.   

Place green dots  pink circle. 

How easy was that?

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Jacque Benson

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