Cherry Almond Cupcake

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Very Special 60th Anniversary

The holidays were especially busy and exciting this year! 

 My parents, Jack and Betty Savage, celebrated their 60th anniversary.
Many people these days wonder how a marriage can last for 60 years. If you knew my parents, then you would know how. They were just meant for each other.

My parents have 3 children- My two older brothers, Lauren and Duane, and myself.
4 grandchildren, Lauren's two sons, Robert and David, and Duane's two daughters, Jennifer and Jessica.
3 great-grandsons- Ryan, Aaren, & Jake
( and psst...one little girl is on the way!!)
I never officially had children...although I was lucky enough to inherit by husband's three children!!

 Robert, the oldest grandson, photographed the celebration and most of these photos are credited to him! Unfortunately, his beautiful wife, Gentry,  a medical doctor, was "on call" that weekend and unable to attend. She was sorely missed by the family, but duty called!

David, the second grandson, was able to attend, driving quite a distance to be there with his wonderful wife, Bethany and adorable son, Jake. ( Isn't Jake a cutie?)

Bethany is beautiful, inside and out!

The youngest granddaughter, Jessica, was unable to be with us due to the long distance. 
We missed her bubbly personality and sweet spirit.

My parents' oldest granddaughter, Jennifer Hurley, lined up the activities.
She sang a few songs, but the one she had written for her own husband was beautiful and moving.
It was perfect for this occasion.
And her whole family participated too...
Jen's hubby, Kevin assisted  little Aaren with the microphone and Ryan read passages from 1 Corinthians 13.
Ryan and Aaren both are quite comfortable in front of a crowd.
They are both so very special!

The celebration was small and intimate.
Along with family, dear friends helped us celebrate!

Ray Wakeman, a friend and neighbor of my parents for over 20 years, proved to be
a bit of a comedian as he made us all laugh with his light-hearted jokes.

A dear friend of the family, Burnis Manoy, gave a moving invocation.
My job?  Oh the cake, of course!
I was in a quandry over the design.
I was thinking grandiose!!
It was the diamond anniversary, so I knew it should have sugar diamonds.

But when I started sketching, I was stuck.
The designs I drew were spectacular, but just didn't seem to fit my parents' personality.
They are simple, kind and generous - no fanfare.
What you see is what you get.

Then I realized that I was trying to create a cutting edge design for a couple that have spent their lives in simple fashion; working hard, living right and creating wonderful memories. 
My parents have always been about substance. 

So I quit worrying about a design with all the bells and whistles; and instead, concentrated on the cake itself.
 I put the fondant, the molds, the fancy tools away and pulled out my piping bags and tubes.

Instead, going for a nostalgic feel, I created a cake that my parents might have had in 1950.

 Simple moist cake with a yummy cream cheese icing.
Each tier a different flavour. Strawberry, Orange and Carrot cake.

 My parents were pleased, so I was pleased.

Happy 60th Anniversary Mom and Dad!! 
Thank you for who you are!
Simple, beautiful and full of love.
“Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence”
Vincent Van Gogh

Photography by Robert Savage and Jacque Benson
2010. All Rights Reserved

"God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." ~J M Barrie