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Monday, April 28, 2008

Recipe for A Successful Marriage

Successful Marriage

Preheat oven by taking a good hard look at yourself with all your attributes and all your faults. Then prepare yourself by taking a realistic look at your mate. Note what you really love about your partner and be flexible and accepting of the other’s faults. Understand that marriage is not always an easy road, but if careful with each others feelings, it can be a great success.

Make Marriage:

In a large bowl full of space where each individual can grow freely and fully express themselves, stir together

1-1/2 cups God’s Love ( do not substitute )
1-1/2 cups Kindness
1-1/2 cups Patience

In another bowl , whisk together

3 cups Respect
1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon Understanding
1 teaspoon Generosity
1 teaspoon Forgiveness
1 teaspoon Sense of Humor
1 teaspoon Unselfishness
1 teaspoon Responsiblty
1/4 teaspoon Constructive Criticism
(This last ingredient is a leavening, so administer carefully and in
small amount or the marriage could turn bitter.)
Stir together and pour into prepared heart.

Bake Marriage:

Bake marriage in the middle of a hot oven full of life’s major hurdles for a time, then reduce heat and bake longer in life’s constant little irritations.
The marriage should rise above these problems and form a wonderful union. Note the glorious aroma.

Make Filling;

In a small bowl with a good mixer, blend together

1 cup Leadership
½ cup Gentleness

Fill Marriage:

With a Long knife of TRUST , cut the marriage into two distinct personalties. On the bottom, spread the Strong, but Gentle filling. On the top, spread

1 cup wit and intelligence, spiced with humor
Place distinct personalities together, one on top of the other.

Make Marriage Seal:

In a bowl, over simmering passion, melt together

½ cup JOY
1 Tablespoon Playfulness

Melt together, stirring in

3 Tablespoons Laughter

one moment at a time. Place over a bowl of goodtimes and bad times, and stir
until it flows freely.

Seal Marriage:

Pour this mixture over marriage, spreading over the top and allowing
to drip over the sides to others.


  1. This is actually amazing thankyou so much:) xx

  2. i love this thanks a million

  3. what a wonderful deep expression of truth


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