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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sewing up a Sweet Summer

Looking for a fun way to create a summer styled cake? When I think of summer, gingham comes to mind.
So I incorporated my love of summer gingham checks with fondant and flowers and ....here it is!



Fondant- 1 lb. white
                ¾ inch ball of electric yellow
                8 oz. neon or electric Pink
                4 oz. neon or electric Green
                 ½ inch ball of black            
Orange petal dust
Bright green petal dust
Fondant Roller and Mat
Small stripes or gingham stencil
2 Clean Foam make-up wedges
Ruffled Heart cutter 2”
Heart cutter-1”
Gum glue
PME Wheel cutter
3” Leaf cutter
¾”, 1” and 3” circle cutter
Small blossom cutter
#2, 10 piping tube
Small scissors


Roll out yellow gumpaste
 into thin layer.
 Cut a circle using a ¾” cutter. 
 Using the large end of
the #2 piping tube, 
make a slight indention
 in the circle.  

 Turn the piping tube over
 and make two or four holes
 in the center
 to create a button.

 Set aside to dry.


1. Roll out white fondant into a rectangle approximately 3”x 12”.

2. Lay stencil over the fondant 
and press into the fondant
 by gently rolling over the stencil.

Using the wedge foam applicator,
 apply a layer of orange petal dust
 over the fondant.
Lift the stencil, 
and wipe it clean 
with a paper towel.


Lay crosswise over the 
stenciled fondant 
and repeat process.

3. Cut 5 ruffled hearts,
 lightly cover with plastic wrap
 and set aside.
 4. Roll out pink fondant approximately 5”x 12”. 
 Using your ruffled heart cutter,
 make an very light indention for a guide, 
then moisten the inside of the heart with gum glue.
Lay the patterned heart petal 
over the moistened fondant.  

Using a ruffled cutter or a PME wheel cutter 
and cut 1/8”away from the edge of heart petal,
creating a pink border. 
Repeat with the remainder of the petals.  

 Cover and set aside.
For smaller petals, roll out white fondant
 into a rectangle approximately 3”x 10”. 
 Press the clean stencil over the
 fondant in a diagonal. 
 Using the wedge foam applicator, 
apply a layer of of orange petal dust
 over the fondant. Lift stencil.

Repeat steps 3 – 4,
this time using a 4”x12” rectangle
of pink fondant.

Cover and set aside.

Thoroughly wash and dry stencil.

For the leaves, roll out white fondant
 into a 5” x 4” rectangle. 
Repeat steps 2-4 with green petal dust 
and green fondant using the leaf cutters.   

Cover and set aside.

To assemble flower:
Cut a 3” circle from white or pink fondant and moisten. 

Pinch the heart petals, 
as shown,
 then press into the
 center of the circle.   

Continue process,
overlapping the petals.

 Roll out a small amount of 
pink fondant and cut a 1” circle. 
Moisten with gum glue.

 Pinch the smaller heart petals, as before, 
then press into the center of the circle. 
Continue process, overlapping the petals

Roll out pink fondant and cut a flower,
 using the blossom cutter. 

Moisten the back and place 
 in the center.
Moisten center top with gum glue 
and place button in center of flower.

Attach the leaves, using gum glue,
 to bottom of circle.

Place cotton or 1” strips of rolled paper towels to give petals some lift. 
Set aside and allow to dry.

When ready, place on top of cake.

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