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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Doweling a Cake with Poly Straws

When  you are making a tiered cake, supporting your tiers is a must to
prevent your cake from collapsing.

Recently, A & H Cake Design started offering Poly-Dowels.
They were quite easy to use and can be used for many purposes.

One use is to support your tiered cake.
First make sure your tiers are very level.
Now, begin by cutting a wax paper circle the size of your upper tier.
Center on Bottom tier and  outline the circle on your cake with a toothpick or skewer.

 Then, inside the circle mark where you want your dowels inserted
with a skewer. 

Insert the skewer and using a ruler, measure exactly the depth of your tier.

Using scissors, cut your Poly-Dowels to the length of the measured depth.

Insert into the cake.

Place your next tier on top inside your marked circle.

If you have a third tier, or in this cake a heavy topper, then repeat the process on the next tier..
Since I was using a topper, I only used 3 dowels. If you are placing another cake, I advise you use 5.**

Place the next tier or topper centered in place.

Another great use for the Poly-Dowel is to protect your cake when inserting wired sugarpaste stars or flowers.
Wrap your wires with floral tape.
Cut your dowel to the desired length, insert into the cake,
 then insert the wrapped wires into the Poly-Dowel.

So easy to use.

Now just place in the center of  the table.
Your cake is ready for your party!

**Please note when delivering a cake that, in addition to doweling the tiers, lateral support is important to keep a cake from shifting.
After stacking tiers, insert a large wooden dowel, sharpened at one end, through the center of the cake.

Photography and Tutorial by Jacque Benson 2010
All rights reserved.

Poly Dowels courtesy of  A & H Cake Design


  1. So these must be thicker than bubble straws? Looks interesting, thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting! Are these dowels like straws? Like those bubble-tea straws? Or they are sturdier?

  3. Hi Jamie and Faith!
    I haven't used the bubble straws ( I was always leary of them!) But these are extremely sturdy and easy to manage!!

  4. Hi I was wondering how did u make Mickey look like he pop out the cake ? That's amazing !


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