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Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Tools Make Life Easier for the Cake Decorator!

Just recently I had an unusual cake request-- a 14" Golf Ball Cake made of red velvet and filled with cream cheese. I, of course, said that I would be happy to deliver such a cake. But knowing everything that could possibly go wrong with a large round cake, my mind went into overtime thinking of every scenario that could go wrong and how I might avoid disaster!

However, I have do a few essential cake tools on which I rely; and I think every cake decorator should own for his/her peace of mind!

You see, The better the tools the easier the job!

This is especially true with cake decorating.


Let's start with the foundation. If the cake isn't level, problems will occur with stability and
with the overall look of the finished cake.
One tool that has made life easier for cake decorating is the Agbay Cake Leveler.

Maureen Agbay is a cake decorator. Watching her work and seeing her Wedding Cake business escalating, her husband, Tony, decided to come up with an easier way to level a cake. He did just that, devising a wonderful and easy system to level and torte a cake at the same time.
Now the Agbay Cake Leveler has taken the struggle out of leveling a cake. To view how the Agbay works, click on this link:

This product is well worth the investment!! I asked for this for my birthday present last year, and glad I did!


Another tool to make the cake decorators life easier to manage is the Fondant Lifter from ChocoPan.

The rings link together forming a flat surface to roll out the fondant. When the fondant is rolled to the desired diameter, simply lift the outer ring. The inner rings detach, but the fondant is held intact on the outer ring, which is easily lifted and centered over the cake. Lower the ring down over the cake, and now the fondant is ready to smooth.

This fondant lifter is easy to order from SweetArt.Inc online. I have personally found their service to be friendly, helpful and have quick delivery. Check it out!


Well, now there is a product the help alleviate the problems of shifting during delivery. Stress-free Cake Supports are true to their name! It takes the worry from shifting or sliding tiers! Arlene Haase is pictured here with her creation---the "Stress-free Cake Support System".

Instead of pushing in and cutting dowels, just measure the depth of your cake, screw in the plastic legs to the stainless ring measuring to the the exact depth. Then just center over the top of the cake and press in. Not only does this system save time, but the energy of worrying about the stability of your tiered cake!
Click on this link for more information on how to use Stress-Free Cake Supports:

I recommend this support system for any tiered cake delivery! Every cake decorator deserves the ease of Stress-Free Cake supports.


And Oh, the golf Ball Cake?? A complete success!

_____I love my cake tools!_____

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