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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Trip to the Museum

<div>FW Museum Illus. by T. Gilleon
One of the highlights of my life, both as a child and as an adult, was and is a trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. No matter how much time one spends at this museum, there is always more to see.

Aside from the many fabulous interactive exhibits, vistors can view the galaxy in Noble Planetarium or see the latest film in the Omni Theatre. I have always walked away from this museum with such a sense of wonderment of the world, both past and present, around me.

The FW museum was established in 1941 and was the first Children's museum in Texas. It is an independent, non-profit institution relying solely on the support of the community.
Recently, the museum had been going through changes.

image from Legorreta + Legorreta- architect's drawing
It is being remodeled and enlarged, with the addition of a wonderful Lantern, lit 24/7, that will be the new entry point. As the remodel nears completion, the excitement is really gearing up as well.

Recently, the staff and their families were given a big "Thank You!". The museum threw an Employee Appreciation Party, and I was afforded the honor of making a Museum Replica cake for the celebration!! It was a fun and wonderful project!

This is the Lantern Entry which will be lit 24/7.
It was chocolate cake, ganache filling, iced in chocolate buttercream and topped with lighted poured sugar

A View of the Energy Exhibit with a cantelivered roof.
 The windows are poured sugar- the landscaping made of sugarpaste. The cakes were different flavors and fillings, iced in buttercream with decorative overlays of white chocolate fondant.

A sugarpaste relica of the Climbing Turtle on the Museum grounds.

A bird's eye view of the cake taken by a very kind gentleman who was several feet taller than myself and offered his help!!

So, for a memorable and very fun day, schedule a visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
It's a sweet experience!

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