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Monday, May 5, 2008


This ain't yo Momma's sheet cake, Baby!

Edible images can really make a cake! The uses can be so much more than the family photo on the supermarket sheet cake.

Edible images can be cut and used in different ways to really give a cake a special look!

A traditional image can be fancied by simply adding a fondant frame. After applying an edible image to the top of an iced cake, cut one inch strips of chocolate fondant. Press the fondant into an impression mold. (I used the elegant lace impression mold #907 . bought from the Cake Craft Shoppe.)

Moisten the back of the strip slightly and apply to the outside border of the edible image. Miter the corners and Viola! An easy, beautiful frame for an edible image portrait! I finished the bottom of my portrait cake with a simple pearl border in matching fondant for a more elegant look.

Another interesting use for edible images is a gumpaste stand-ups. This is a simple and easy way to make a theme cake, without having spending an inordinate amount of time filling in an image with icing.

For this transformer theme cake, I had edible images made of Optimus Prime.

So for your cake, find the appropriate figure for your theme, and have it printed on an edible image. To be sure it has time to dry, make the stand-ups a day or two before icing the cake. Roll out gumpaste about 1/8 thick; moisten the gumpaste slightly with a damp paper towel and apply the image. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut around the edible image. Place it on a flat or slightly curved foam surface to dry.

When ready to set up the cake, place the stand-ups in strategic positions on the cake. There you have it--finally!
An easy theme cake with a little extra flair.

The edible image can be an effective use to finish off a replica cake. Finite and minute details are easily achieved by the use of the edible image.

For the I-phone Cake, the process was a simple one. Cover a sheet cake in black fondant, and cut out specific images (ie. the buttons, screen) with embroidery scissors and place where it would be positioned on a real phone.

Using a damp brush, moisten just the specific areas where image should be applied, and lay the cut pieces carefully in place.

Once done, apply a strip of white fondant around the side of the cake and color it with silver luster dust.

So, use your imagination. Think outside the box. And let the Edible Image simplify your cake decorating life!


  1. What do we need to print edible images?

  2. I get them printed at a local cake shop or grocery store, but if you want to make that investment you will need a good printer designated for food only, edible inks and wafer paper.

    Here is the address to a tutorial for edible images on Cake Central.... copy and paste to your browser bar.


  3. Hi Jacque -

    Do you know of any stores or cake shops in the North Fort Worth / Keller area who could print edible images for me? I have no idea where to look!


    Karin (KarinOzuna@Hotmail.com)


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